Dom Kofe is a business with unlimited development opportunities
House of Coffee is a unique collection of the best brands of coffee, coffee equipment, related products under one roof!
About company
The history of espresso goes back over 100 years. From a true Italian zest, espresso has become a world-famous delicacy. The quality of the offered espresso can measure the level of professionalism of the staff of any establishment.
For more than 23 years Dom Kofe has been setting the quality standards for all products: drinks, coffee, coffee equipment for home and business. Only high-quality coffee of the unchanged Blasercafe, Italian manufacturers of coffee equipment for every need and opportunity.
House of Coffee not only offers everything you need to prepare this exquisite drink, but also teaches all the standards and techniques of preparation. You get professional advice on choosing coffee and coffee equipment. And when buying a coffee maker, the Dom Coffee manager will teach you for free all the intricacies of preparing your favorite drinks on your coffee maker
The Blasercafe coffee line is the widest in the country. It has coffee for every taste! If you don't have enough time for espresso or just don't feel like it this time, save this free cup to your loyalty card.
Who are we? We are a team of employees, business partners, suppliers, customers.
Why and for whom are we doing this? We are a successful, constantly growing company. We are interested in the success of our team members. Our employees get all the opportunities for development, our partners - all the tools to achieve success, proven by experience, our suppliers - sellers, sincerely and forever in love with their product, and our customers - an unforgettable experience of communication and cooperation and the best product that will make their life is brighter and more interesting. When one of us achieves success, it is our common success.
Homemade coffee recipes
We want our products to be available to everyone. We want our guests to feel free. To appreciate our coffee and coffee equipment, no special training is needed - just the desire to try it and enjoy it. Therefore, we are happy to offer guests to try our coffee and learn how to work with a coffee maker. And we will be happy to help you open your own Coffee House and make it successful.
The criterion of our work is a good customer experience. It is the fuel that keeps our company going. Our guests, like us, do not like the same things. Therefore, we always do our best for our guests. The client is never a burden to us. We welcome any feedback. We constantly evaluate our work, striving to serve our customers the best we can. Our goal is for our guests to leave us happy. Each of us is fully responsible for ensuring that they receive maximum positive emotions before, during and after the purchase.
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